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The 15 Best Single Mom Blogs of 2021

September 9, 2021
by Chelsy

The 15 Best Single Mom Blogs of 2021

By Chelsy
September 9, 2021

When I decided to write a post about the best single mom blogs of 2021 I thought: “Wait, it’s too early in the year to start talking about the best of 2021!”

And then I realized it’s September. Where did the year go?

No matter what year it is, or the time of year, it always helps to connect with other single mothers who are facing a similar situation to yours.

There are many wonderful blogs out there in which single moms from around the world share their stories, experiences, and advice.

And who knows – maybe checking out these best single mom blogs will inspire you to start your own!

I was certainly inspired to start this blog after checking out what other single moms were doing online. Even though my site isn’t exclusively focused on single mom life, that’s where it started.

I wanted to share what I was learning in hopes of helping other single mothers who were struggling to raise their children alone.

Before I get into the 15 best single mom blogs of 2021, here are some reasons why you should start a single mom blog:

Why You Should Start a Single Mom Blog

Maybe you’re just here to check out the single mom blogs on this list, but have you ever considered starting one of your own?

Not only is blogging cathartic and a great way to sort out your situation and gain confidence, but it’s also an opportunity to create a side income that you can eventually develop into a full-time job!

Don’t believe me? It’s where I started! My first mom blog was the starting point for my writing career. I was able to pitch my freelance writing services to a parenting blog that has been paying me for three years to write their content. From there, I was able to pick up more clients, leave my “real” job, and write from home full-time.

I know, I know…that’s not why you’re here, but I thought it was worth mentioning especially if you’re a single mom looking for a way to supplement your income or spend more time at home with your kiddos.

Even though my journey in blogging took me to freelance writing, there are many ways you can make money from a blog. Once you gain some traffic and a solid readership, you can earn an income through ads, affiliate marketing (where you get a commission for products you promote on your blog), or selling your own products or services (crafts, printables, courses, you name it).

If you are interested in learning how to start a blog, check out this post on my other site Mama Needs Coffee. Don’t worry! It’ll open in a new tab so you can read it later and continue on to 2021’s best single mom blogs.

The 15 Best Single Mom Blogs of 2021

Here you go! These links will open in a new tab too so you can check them out and not lose the rest of the list.


1. Single Mother Survival Guide

Blog Owner: Julia

What You’ll Find: Posts about self-development, mental health, co-parenting, and free resources.


2. The Single Mom Blog

Blog Owner: Heather

What You’ll Find: Tips for co-parenting, taking care of your finances, DIY ideas, and free resources.


3. Single Mom Nation

Blog Owner: Jessica

What You’ll Find: A straightforward no-holds-barred approach to single mom life, co-parenting, self-care, and relationships.


4. Single Mothers By Choice

Blog Owner: Jane

What You’ll Find: Information for women who either choose to become pregnant on their own or raise their children on their own.

5. Wealthy Single Mommy

Blog Owner: Emma

What You’ll Find: Advice about finances, wellness, parenting, and single mom dating.


6. Learning to Breathe Abroad

Blog Owner: Jeanne

What You’ll Find: A travel diary of a single mom and her son exploring the world.


7. More Than Toast

Blog Owner: Alice

What You’ll Find: This lifestyle blog offers articles about life, food, travel, decor, and motherhood written by a single mom.


8. Slummy Single Mommy

Blog Owner: Jo

What You’ll Find: Untold stories and rants as well as articles about food, travel, and money.

9. Nakisha Wynn

Blog Owner: Nakisha

What You’ll Find: Advice on single mom life as well as tips on how to start a blog, work at home, and manage your finances.


10. Single Mom Bloggers

Blog Owner: Heather

What You’ll Find: Everything you need to start your own blog as well as free resources and coaching services.


11. Moms Canada

Blog Owner: Brenda

What You’ll Find: Resources and programs for single moms in Canada.


12. Single Parenthood

Blog Owner: Chanelle

What You’ll Find: Information for both single moms and single dads from relationships to health to careers and money.

13. Midlife Single Mommy

Blog Owner: Shannon

What You’ll Find: Advice for older single moms including how to stay healthy, work from home, and self-care.


14. Mommy My Way

Blog Owner: Nikki

What You’ll Find: Lifestyle articles, travel stories, and advice for single moms.


15. Single Mom Household

Blog Owner: Meg

What You’ll Find: Humorous tips, stories, and ideas for single moms

There You Go, Single Mama!

I hope you found some amazing ideas and stories from these wonderful single mom bloggers! I always found that the more I read stories from other single moms, the more I felt I was part of a single mom club.

Being a single mom is definitely a unique experience but one shared by many moms around the world.

Let their stories give you comfort knowing that you are not alone – and let them inspire you to start your own single mom blog!

Your turn: Do you have a single mom blog? Drop your link in the comments below!

And don’t forget to pin this post for later!


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