8 TedTalks About Narcissism

December 2, 2021
by Chelsy

8 TedTalks About Narcissism

By Chelsy
December 2, 2021

If you’ve never listened to a TEDTalk before, you’re in for a real treat!

Even though these videos are tackling the complexities and difficulties surrounding narcissism, it’s interesting to hear the perspectives of others as well as learn what psychologists say about narcissism.

TEDTalks are a collection of videos that feature speakers from all walks of life that speak on a variety of topics. In the case of narcissism, these presenters have either studied the mental disorder or have experienced it in their own lives.

There are also a couple of videos that address abusive relationships in general but they are also helpful when it comes to recognizing a narcissist and leaving a relationship with a narcissist.

So sit back, relax, and check out these videos that will help give you a broader understanding of narcissism and how to deal with it:

TEDTalks About Narcissism

1. W. Keith Campbell – The Psychology of Narcissism

This illustrated video really gives a good overview as to what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is as a diagnosable mental condition. It’s not just a personality type – it’s a set of traits classified and studied by psychologists.

Check out this video to learn more about what psychologists say about narcissism.

2. Ramani Durvasula – Narcissism and Its Discontents

In this TEDTalk video about narcissism, Dr. Ramani explores the idea that narcissism is a social condition that is reinforced by social media, mainstream media, and consumerism.

While this may not pinpoint what is the root cause of narcissism, it certainly does provide an interesting perspective on the development of narcissistic traits.


3. Ann Barnes – Managing a Narcissist

Those who are dealing with a narcissist often wonder: Can narcissists change? While it’s highly unlikely that they can or will, there are ways you manage dealing with one.

Check out this video:

4. W. Keith Campbell – What Can We Learn From Narcissists?

Dr. Campbell takes an interesting approach here by looking at the complexity of narcissism and exploring how we can use those traits to advance in life without falling under its negative influence.

5. Satinder Brar – What is Narcissism?

Satinder Brar is a psychotherapist who addresses the fact that “narcissism” is a commonly misused term that doesn’t simply mean loving oneself too much. Here is a great video where she lays out what narcissism is:

6. Ariel Leve – How to Deal With Gaslighting

Gaslighting is an abusive technique used by narcissists to gain control and create a sense of dependency. In this talk, Ariel Leve talks about how she survived her mother’s gaslighting as a child and shares her life-saving strategies.

7. Mada Tsagia-Papadakou – Why I Stayed, Why I Left

Part of dealing with a narcissist is trying to navigate your way out of the abusive relationship. In this TEDTalk about narcissism, Mada shares her story of how she got into an abusive relationship, why she stayed, and how she got out of it.

8. Katie Hood – The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Love

Katie Hood shares five signs you might be in an unhealthy relationship – all signs that are important if you are dealing with a narcissist since their behaviors are so subtle at first.

TEDTalks About Narcissism

There you go! I hope these videos helped you gain a better understanding of narcissism as a mental health condition and also how to better deal with the narcissist in your life.

Is there a video that really struck a chord with you? Which one? Let me know in the comments below:


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