Parenting is hard enough without having a difficult ex to worry about.

You may feel like you have no power in the situation, but with this course, you’ll learn strategies and tools to parallel parent.

I often get messages from parents asking me how to handle things with their ex when it comes to parenting after a separation.

What if I told you that there is a proven method of parenting your kids while co-parenting with difficult people?

Rather than getting caught up in constant arguments and conflict, you can learn how to parallel parent and make your difficult situation easier.

Parallel parenting will help you in setting and managing boundaries between both parents while making sure that your children still have a relationship with their other parent.

It is purpose-based parenting aimed at allowing children to have equal access to both parents.

Find out when you take my course Parallel Parenting: How to Parent With a Toxic Ex.

Having a difficult ex makes it very difficult to live your life and support your child.

This course will help you learn how to make your situation better and focus on helping your child as much as possible.

This course will help you figure out how to parallel parent with a difficult ex.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get through this and you can too!

  • Find independence from your difficult ex.
  • Parent your child how you want to parent them.
  • Increase your and your child’s happiness.
  • Reduce stress in your life and home.

Hi, I’m Chelsy.

I know how hard it can be dealing with a difficult ex. I’ve been there and done that for many years.

Back when I first started trying to parent with my toxic ex, I didn’t even know what parallel parenting was.

I was fighting with him and fighting with the courts to protect my child and take back my power.

That’s why I created this course – to empower you to deal with a difficult ex.

This is the information I was I had years ago!

Learning how to parallel parent helped me tremendously, and I’m in a better place when it comes to parenting my child.

This course will teach you how to parent with a toxic ex. You’ll learn strategies that have helped me and my clients.

I’ll also give you some tips on how to deal with your own emotions so that they don’t get in the way of your parenting.

Let me show you how to work through the conflict and make the most out of your situation!


This course is designed to help parents with conflicting parenting styles for their children.

Gain the tools you need to stop the back and forth insanity of trying to parent with your difficult ex.

Take Control Of Your Parenting Situation

With this course, you’ll learn how to…

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Create a Parallel Parenting Plan

Come up with a plan that includes visitation, how you communicate with your ex, and more.

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Address Conflicts

Learn conflict resolution skills to address potential conflicts with your ex.

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Deal With Toxic Parenting

Understand how toxic people and narcissists treat their children and how to deal with emotional abuse.

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Support Your Children

Learn your child’s love language, encourage healthy communication, and talk to your child about their other parent.

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Control Your Emotions

Strengthen your emotional IQ and learn how to respond instead of react to your ex to minimize conflict.

Parallel Parenting: How to Parent With a Toxic Ex

Course Overview

1. What is Parallel Parenting?
Parallel Parenting Vs. Co-Parenting
Parallel Parenting Vs. Court Orders
Limited Communication and Minimizing Conflict
2. Creating a Parallel Parenting Plan
The Best Interests of Your Child
Making Specific Arrangements
Parallel Parenting Plan
3. Potential Conflicts
Conflict and Control
Parenting Plan Sabotage
Disputes and Conflict Resolution
4. Toxic Parenting
How Do Narcissists and Toxic Parents Treat Their Children?
The Harmful Effects of Toxic Parenting
Emotional Abuse
5. Supporting Your Children
Your Child’s Love Language
Encouraging Healthy Communication
Talking to Your Child About Their Other Parent
6. Emotional IQ
Reacting Vs. Responding
Labeling and Accepting Emotions
Finding Yourself Again

Learn how to parent with your ex when you can’t get along.

Most parents struggle with this problem. Luckily, there’s now a way to figure out how to parallel parent with the difficult ex.

Still Have Questions?

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is struggling to parent with an ex who is narcissistic, toxic, or just difficult.

How does this course work?

Each section of the course includes videos and documents to walk you through the process of parallel parenting. There is also a downloadable and printable workbook with exercises to help you along!

What if this course doesn't work?

No parenting situation is the same, but this course covers the basics of creating a parallel parenting plan and common struggles you may face.

There’s no guarantee that parallel parenting will fix your problems, but it will alleviate the stress and conflict.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always request a refund or contact me directly to discuss your unique situation.

I’m here to help!

Is a parallel parenting plan a good alternative to a court order?

Not always.

A court order is a legal document that outlines agreements made between you and your ex that have to be followed.

However, sometimes these are not ideal agreements.

Opting for a parallel parenting plan gives you more control, but your ex can easily disagree, and it can’t be enforced.

Parallel parenting plans are a great place to start. Sometimes, it’s possible to continue parenting with this type of agreement.

What is your expertise?

I hold an undergraduate degree in Psychology as well as certification in Narcissistic Behaviors.

I’ve blogged about parallel parenting and have even written a book based on my experiences and what I learned.

I’ve also talked with many parents who struggle with this issue, guiding them to positive results.

It’s time to find peace within yourself and take control of your situation.