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8 Books About Parallel Parenting You Need to Read

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The term “narcissism” on this blog is used to describe a specific set of personality traits. It is not intended to be used as a professional diagnosis.

TINY - Pins - Short (1) (1)Do you want to learn more about parallel parenting with a narcissist?

Are you confused about the difference between parallel parenting and co-parenting?

I love writing for this blog and providing you with as much information as I can on parallel parenting, toxic relationships, narcissism, and more.

But while I strive to keep Motherhood+Mayhem full of relevant and up-to-date information, anyone can benefit from grabbing a good book about parallel parenting.

In a book, you’ll find some straightforward and concise information about parallel parenting, which is a great start if you’re not sure how to start or what you’re doing.

But before I get into my list of parallel parenting books, let’s talk a tiny bit about what parallel parenting is:

What is Parallel Parenting?

In a nutshell, parallel parenting is a way of parenting with an ex that limits communication and conflict.

It is highly recommended that you try parallel parenting with a narcissist or toxic ex. It’s a great way to establish boundaries and limit their involvement in your life.

To parallel parenting successfully, you have to begin my limiting communication so that you only talk about the child and nothing else.

It also helps to have communication happen in written form instead of on the phone or face-to-face.

Parallel parenting also requires that you ensure that visitation and parenting time plans (such as days, times, who is transporting, etc.) are as specific as possible.

However, parallel parenting involves more than making plans and limiting contact. You also have to learn how to manage your own reactions and not let what they say bother you in order to minimize conflict.

Learn More Here: Parallel Parenting 101: How to Make It Work

How Do You Start Parallel Parenting?

You can start parallel parenting with your ex right away by avoiding or shutting down conversations that don’t involve your child and writing down what you have agreed to so far.

A parallel parenting plan is not a legal document, so you don’t need your ex to sign anything. However, you can’t expect them to follow everything either.

This is why it’s usually beneficial to get a court order if you are dealing with a toxic or narcissistic ex.

But creating a plan is the best way to start parallel parenting. If you and your ex can’t agree upon arrangements, then you may have to seek a court order.

You can sign up for my free parallel parenting plan to get started:

Parallel Parenting Books to Check Out:

Now that you know a little more about what parallel parenting is about, here are some parallel parenting books worth checking out to learn more:

1. You Can’t Co-Parent with a Narcissist by Chelsy Theriault


Hey! Her name sounds familiar!

Yes, I wrote a book about parallel parenting when it comes to dealing with a narcissistic ex.

This book explores what narcissism is so that you’ll know what you’re dealing with and then gets into how to parallel parent, support your children, build your inner strength, and heal from your experience.

I don’t really delve into my personal situation, which I reserve for this blog, but the information is straightforward, actionable, and supportive for those who have gone through the horrors of making a baby with a narcissist.

You can check it out here!

2. The Parallel Parenting Solution by Carl Knickerbocker


The Parallel Parenting Solution by Carl Knickerbocker is one of the most popular books on Amazon about parallel parenting.

While it doesn’t focus specifically on narcissists, it does address how to eliminate conflict with difficult exes by negating the idea that good parents must “co-parent” for the sake of their children.

It’s aimed at helping divorced parents find a common ground when it comes to parenting separately that is more realistic than expecting a perfect situation.

But it does address dealing with people who are narcissistic and high-conflict, so it’s worth checking out!

3. Co-Parenting with a Narcissist by Melanie Parker


Melanie Parker’s book Co-Parenting with a Narcissist will help you set boundaries, protect your child from parental alienation, and help you work through the frustration of struggling with a narcissist.

Her practical and drama-free strategies will help you cope with the way your ex treats you and your children, find ways to set limits and steer clear of your ex’s temper tantrums.

She also goes into how narcissistic parenting can affect children as they grow up.

4. Co-parenting Vs Parallel Parenting by Mildred Wagner


Parallel parenting vs co-parenting is something that confuses many people when it comes to parenting with a difficult or narcissistic ex.

In her book, Mildred Wagner addresses the idea that co-parenting doesn’t have to be about winning or finding complete peace.

Instead, she offers practical advice and solutions that can be applied to many different types of parenting situations, whether you are facing common co-parenting struggles or you are parallel parenting with a narcissist.

5. Co-Parenting with a Narcissist: A Guidebook for Targeted Parents by Sharie Stines and Patricia Harriman


Co-Parenting with a Narcissist: A Guide for Targeted Parents explores the dynamics of parental alienation while giving the reader techniques and tools to relaim their relationship with their children.

Parental alienation happens when one parent, for lack of a better term, turns their children against the other parent. It’s illegal and highly detrimental to children.

Dealing with that type of situation can be complicated, so this book is perfect if you are looking for relief and advice.

6. Divorce Poison: How to Protect Your Family From Bad-mounting and Brainwashing by Dr. Richard A. Warshak


One huge factor of parental alienation is bad-mouthing the other parent to and in front of the children.

I wanted to include Divorce Poison on this list because author Dr. Warshak really digs into what you can do if your ex is bad-mouthing you to your children, portraying you in a negative light, and trying to turn them against you.

This book provides powerful strategies to rebuild relationships with your children as well as advice when it comes to protecting your children from parental alienation.

7. Co-Parenting With a Toxic Ex: What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse Tries to Turn the Kids Against You by Amy Baker and Paul Fine


Again, here’s another book about parental alienation that looks at what you should do if your ex is trying to turn your kids against you.

This book by Amy Baker and Paul Fine, nationally recognized parenting experts, offers positive approaches to dealing with a hostile ex.

They also go over co-parenting mistakes, ways to avoid parental alienation, and techniques for talking to your kids that will help support them throughout the situation.

8. Anger Management for Parents by Erika Miller


For the last parallel parenting book on this list, I wanted to add something that addresses how to deal with the anger you may be feeling because of the frustration caused by parallel parenting with a narcissist.

Although Anger Management for Parents deals more with how not to yell at your kids, it’s still a great book when it comes to learning how to manage and control your emotions in a healthy way.

This can then be used when it comes to dealing with your ex so that you can create a harmonious environment for your children and avoid being drawn into conflict by your ex.

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Books About Parallel Parenting

That’s it! These are definitely some amazing books about parallel parenting that you should check out.

Parallel parenting as a concept is pretty easy to grasp, but implementing it can be challenging.

The best thing you can do is learn more about parallel parenting and its techniques so that you can begin creating a better situation for you and your children.

Have you read any of these? Have your own recommendations? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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