15 Hilarious Tweets About Motherhood (That Are Spot On!)

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They say that motherhood is no joke – but that doesn’t mean you can’t joke about motherhood!

I’m sure that if we didn’t wake our experiences as mothers with a grain of salt we would go absolutely mad. That’s why I wanted to put together some hilarious tweets about motherhood that sum up the true comedic experience of being a mother.


1. OMG I Hate Slime

When I was a kid, we had Playdoh – it was fun, it was creative and it didn’t resemble a bowl of boogers!

2. Slime is the Devil!

Speaking of slime, make sure you probably dispose of this devil’s snot.

3. RIP Pet Leaf

I once got mad at God because my pet caterpillar blew away and my mom told me it was because God wanted him to go back to nature.

4. It Only Lasts an Eternity a Couple of Years

After my pregnancy and childbirth, I was so open to the idea of having more kids – until the toddler stage happened. I noped out of that idea so fast.

5. What is the Reason? (Asking for a Friend)

After my daughter started Googling “how are babies made”, I did find that explaining where babies come from is much easier than justifying the reasoning behind why tacos cannot be eaten every day.

6. The Math is Sound

I actually came to the same conclusion as a kid – my parents only had sex a total of two times during their relationship. At least, that’s what I wanted to believe.

7. Keeping it Realistic

My daughter has two rooms full of toys yet commits her time to watch annoying YouTubers who feel the need to yell a lot. I miss the days of noisy toys that don’t turn off.


8. Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs for Days

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, right.

9. Where’s the Mute Button?

This is why Yoda got so annoyed with Luke blathering on that he up and died.

10. It Probably Burns Brain Cells…

Can you imagine the marketing potention? Rent out your kid for weight loss!

11. I’ll Take a Map!

I too am waiting for these directions because apparently I’m living in the wrong village.

12. Kid Wanted a Toy, I Didn’t Want to Buy Toy, Kid has Toy (Repeat for Eternity)

I’ve consumed many pizzas by this very logic. “Mom, can we get pizza?” “no.” *Eats pizza.

13. Creativity at Its Finest

My daughter once figured out that she could hold a plastic egg between her butt cheeks and poop it out like a chicken.

14. It’s a Sacrifice I’m Willing to Make


15. Do Doctors Understand What Children Are?

I owe YouTube my sanity during the pandemic.

So True, Right?

Drop your hilarious mom experiences in the comments below! I may just use them in a future post (with permission, of course!). 😉

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